The Pearl of the Arabian Peninsula

Search some of the famous cities in the world, such as Paris (the City of Love), Las Vegas (the Entertainment Capital of the World), Italy (The Eternal City), etc; they all have a surname attached to them. Dubai is not an exception and the following Dubai travel guide will prove it! Exploded with strength and modernity, Dubai has been vigorously referred to as the Pearl of the Middle East.

Strategically placed in the middle of Asia, Africa, and Europe, it is one of the most sought-after holiday spots in the Gulf. This allows for a unique view of traditional Arabian culture and hospitality. It includes the right amount of adventure, fun, and relaxation. So get to know all about this most remarkable emirate in the UAE with this comprehensive Dubai travel guide.

Quick Facts

Location: On the Arabian Gulf Coast in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) Significance: It is the most visited and the second largest emirate in the country. Leader: HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Best Time to Go: The peak season is in the winter months (October to March) Distance from the capital city (Abu Dhabi): About two hours.

Bring All Your Important Travel Documents

Depending on your nationality, a UAE tourist visa is the main document you will need for your visit to Dubai. If you are not eligible for a visa on arrival or visa-free travel, it is important that you apply for your Dubai visa prior to the date of your travel. Having an OTB (Ok to Board) is also mandatory. But, it is often necessary for those flying to Dubai from a destination in South Asia. Basically, it is an airline procedure conducted to verify the legitimacy of your travel documents, including visas.

To make your trip to Dubai as hassle-free as possible, you must comply with the Dubai Government’s COVID-19 guidelines. You must carry a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours or 72 hours of your trip from the departure destination. Depending on your nationality, you will be asked to undergo another PCR test at Dubai International Airport. (COVID Pandemic)

Be sure to pack these Essentials

Dubai is generally hot and humid throughout the year. The summer months are very hot, while the winter months are very cold but with intense sunlight in the sun. Apparently, it is advisable to bring lightweight, cotton clothing for your Dubai vacation. One of the essentials is a cardigan/jacket or a shawl that you can comfortably wear over your shoulders while visiting a cultural or religious attraction like Shiek Zayed Grand Mosque when planning to join Abu Dhabi City Tour. If you plan to spend more time outdoors, make sure you bring high-quality sunblock cream, along with accessories like hats and sunglasses especially when you go for the Dubai Desert Safari trip or go for a full day adventure and water activities to Musandam Dibba Cruise.

Be Informed of Local Rules and Regulations

This helps you avoid many embarrassing moments. It is a serious offense to smoke and drink alcohol in public. It is also advisable to avoid PDAs (Public Display of Affection). Additionally, get permission before you click pictures of significant government and local buildings. All of this keeps you from paying an unsatisfactory fine and getting on the wrong foot with Authorities.

Dubai’s culture and heritage is deeply ingrained in Islamic values and it expects its visitors to respect it as well. So make sure that you do not indulge in any activity that demeans its religious beliefs and traditions. For example, refrain from eating or drinking in public while in Dubai during the Islamic month of fasting (Ramadan.)

Dining Cuisine is Incredibly Diverse

Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world as it is the second home of different nationalities of over 200 countries. It showcases its dining cuisine, making Dubai a haven for foodies. Whether you want authentic Mediterranean or traditional delicacies, they are all available here. What is even more surprising is the variety of dining venues offered in the city. Yes, it is even possible to dine in heaven in this amazing city.

It’s Easy to Get Around

Dubai is not a walkable city. But, a well-integrated public transportation network makes up for it. Just top up an NOL card to access the most advanced and longest of its kind, the Dubai Metro, public buses, and even ferries and cabs. There are also private transfers that often include the services of an experienced driver. If you want to drive your own car, you can rent a car on your own. It is mandatory to have an international driver’s license to get behind the wheel.

Shop Till You Drop

More than 70 large malls along with a string of traditional Arabian bazaars or souks make Dubai a shoppers ’paradise. In fact, shopping is more than just a pastime in Dubai. It allows you to take home some unique souvenirs, amazing jewelry, and the most selected gifts for your loved ones. Not to mention, you need to set aside a good budget for your shopping spree in Dubai.